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EverFaire 2015, and Beyond
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The Horseman of Romance

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EverFaire 2015, and Beyond
As you may know, I'll be spending September, 2015 here, not on Facebook.

It is my intention to make some major changes to the site and see what happens from there. I have many very exciting ideas, but am open to suggestions from others.

Obviously, as part of this revamp, I'll be looking for staff... people willing to be as dedicated to making this work as I am.
The goal will be to make this a place where Rennies can come and share tales and such... but also... mundanes can come to mingle with us, as well.
Where people can learn and have fun... without the drama.
You can use your Faire name, your real name, or create whatever name...
No Facebook police riding your ass - and moderation is at a minimum. Just stick to the rules, and that's simple enough, and everything will be great.

If you like, we can create 'uncensored' forums... accessible only to those that verify as over 18... where you can 'let it rip', so to speak... no problem. Topics? Limitless.

It'll probably take me the better part of the month to complete this total restructure... so please, bear with me. Again, any help you want to offer is appreciated. I'm working on the Audio Serial Drama scripts... those are on the way...
Help me transform EverFaire!

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09-01-2015 08:18 AM
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