Poll: Do you think this is a real discussion, or just anti-RenFaire propaganda ?
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The Rift between Rennies and SCAdians
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The Rift between Rennies and SCAdians

OK, this, in my opinion, is a perfect example of the reason for the rift between Rennies and SCAdians. I'd like to call on all of you . . . Rennies from around the nation . . . to help me analyze this "discussion that actually happened"

What Renaissance Faire has an admission price that high? Have any of ye ever been to a Faire that expensive? $45 per person, per day?

Speaking of inflating the expenses . . . $15 for a TURKEY LEG? Seriously? How much is a turkey leg at your home Faire?

Even the beer was a little exaggerated. It's about $5 at most Faires I've been to. How much is it at yours?

Now, on the flipside . . . have any of you been to an SCA event?
Can anyone vouch for the claim of a $5 feast of multiple courses?
Can anyone say they've seen a 14th Century Italian outfit for $40 ? ? ?

What do you all think?
Let's take the Mythbusters approach . . . is this one plausible?
. . . or BUSTED?

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11-28-2011 07:29 PM
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RE: The Rift between Rennies and SCAdians
that is a good example but I have seen and been part of the other side. At one point I was interested in joining the SCA but the groups in the area took it way to serious. Having to have documentation that your garb was period design, even if it were made from materials that were not even close to being period. In order to participate in any activities, you had to spend a year at least as an apprentice. Just wasn't for me. I uderstand that it is about "re-enactment," but the fun was missing and those folks came across as very elitist. You can't judge the entire group by the actions of some, but it has been my experience that those that are garb nazi's are current/former SCAdians. This Post is based on these experiences.

In the above video, the argument that a rennie would spend so much money on fantasy compared to the SCAdian is true to some extent. Rennie garb tends to be drab unless you go noble. In which case, you will pay for the look. Even fantasy garb, such as Fae outfits, can run you a nice chunk of change. However, as anyone that sews historically accurate garb knows, you can pay way more than any rennie garb. The accurate material alone can run from expensive to “take out a second mortgage.”

What it really comes down to is what each individual is looking for in fun. This is where the rift comes from. Are you into fantasy or accuracy? Either way you will pay to play. Arguing over what is the right way to have fun is ridiculous at best. I could give a rat’s ass if my garb is historically accurate or not. I wear what is comfortable and looks good on me. At the same time, I’m not going to judge someone else for feeling it is necessary to wear completely accurate garb. If you’re on cast it’s a different story, but they work, the rest of us are looking for fun. How ever you get your fun is up to you. Just leave everyone else alone and let them have mine in my own way.
12-02-2011 07:03 AM
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