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EverFaire Philosophy ~ "Like" and "Thanks"
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EverFaire Philosophy ~ "Like" and "Thanks"
OK, so you may have noticed that there is a "Like" button at the bottom of the posts. This is JUST like the "Like" button on Facebook. This won't add to the Reputation score of the poster, so this is a perfect thing to click if the post is one you enjoy, but isn't really anything very profound or hilariously funny.
You can, if you want, click "Like" AND still give a Reputation point, but the primary reason for the "Like" button is for posts that you don't feel are worthy of a Rep point but you still enjoy.

You may also notice the "Thanks" button. This is a wondrous innovation in EverFaire allowing you to thank someone without needing to post a "thanks". If someone gives you advice that is helpful, for instance, you can simply click "Thanks" on the post.
The same is true if someone compliments a picture you post, etc.

Neither "Like" nor "Thanks" will in any way affect Reputation score or post count, but they will certainly allow you to display your approval and graciousness with one easy click.

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