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A Brief Overview of the Laws
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A Brief Overview of the Laws
As is the case with the physical laws governing the universe, there are certain inviolable laws here that govern the MultiVerse. It's advisable to know them well, as this will aid in abiding by them.

In any system of laws, there is one that is paramount . . . above all others.
On EverFaire: MultiVerse, this is the Golden Rule. If you abide by this, you'll likely have a great time and never run afoul of any of the other Laws thusly established.
That being said, the following is a list of a few of the Laws of the MultiVerse.

I. Flaming will not be tolerated in any capacity... be it chemical, nuclear, or photon torpedo . . . there will be NO firing upon others. If you cannot say something nice, at least be civil. Discretion is, indeed, the better part of valour and a crucial element in honour.

II. Pornography and/or Excessive Violence have no place in the MultiVerse. We all know there are a great many hot Sci-Fi babes, but there is a limit. At all times, you are expected to be mindful and respectful of the line which separates acceptable and unacceptable displays.

III. SPAM is strictly prohibited on this site and will NOT be tolerated. No exceptions. Promotion of any business or site is subject to approval of Site Management. If you're not sure, ask.

IV. “What happens on EverFaire: MultiVerse...” Please do not bring the affairs of other forums, boards, or sites to EverFaire: MultiVerse... as such things are best left on those other sites. Likewise, one should respect those other entities by leaving that which happens here . . . here. It should go without saying that you, therefore, should never speak 'on behalf' of EverFaire (or any of its forums) as an entity in any other forum unless specifically authorized to do so... and that “invasions” are just plain out of the question.

V. Protect, never endanger, the worlds of the MultiVerse. Whilest Piracy is a common occurence in the space lanes, we find certain kinds of Pirates distasteful. The Guardians of EverFaire (and all its realms and worlds) also wish to be able to continue to provide you this forum to frequent and enjoy. Please do not ever do anything that would jeopardize our ability to do that, including, but not limited to, posting links to or entering into discussions about Pirate sites like “Napster”, “Kazaa” or any site specializing in the posting of “bittorrents” or “warez”. Violating other laws, such as copyright laws through plagiarism, also exposes EverFaire to undue legal problems. The Guardians will take steps to protect the MultiVerse if this Law is broken and this will likely include your banishment from EverFaire (and all its forums) forthwith.

VI. Govern thine own tongue. EverFaire: MultiVerse is a diverse set of worlds . . . and honour dictates a certain tact when utilizing your right to free speech. Hate Speech has no place at all, here. Remarks or comments disparaging any persons based on intelligence, gender, age, skin colour, height, weight, pointiness of ears, other oddity of physical appearance, sexual orientation, species, or religious disposition are intolerable. Please always consider the feelings of others when posting.

VII. Harassment of any kind, whatsoever, will not be tolerated. No one ANYWHERE in EverFaire is immune from this Law. Please report any cases of harassment to one of the Realm's Guardians immediately.

VIII. Sockpuppetry is prohibited. Let's face it, no one finds sock puppets funny anyway. If you believe an account is a “sockpuppet” account, please notify a Guardian. If you believe someone is a real sock puppet, please seek therapy immediately. Do not create multiple accounts. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken, anyway.

Now, you'll notice that the Laws are not many and really not very hard to abide by here... but please do take them seriously and feel free to ask a Guardian if clarification is needed. In any case that finds you wondering if you're going to violate a Law by posting something, use the best judgment you can and realize that if you're wondering if something is improper, it probably is. Also, please be respectful of others and avoid creating situations that force the Guardians to write more Laws.
When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Wolf Lord Drengr
11-10-2011 11:34 PM
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