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2013 Sci Fi Series project
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2013 Sci Fi Series project
Hi, everyone,
I am looking at writing a Sci-Fi series on here... either fan fiction or original... and I want you all to be involved.
Yeah, I want you to be characters in it... and I am asking you to contribute and let me know what you most favour, so there will be a poll that I'll leave open for the remainder of January. Please let me know what you most like, and we'll go from there...

What are the options, you ask?

Well, I am going to open this up to the following possibilities:

1. Star Trek: Akira Class Starship Crew

[Image: AkiraAnim.gif]

Pretty straightforward, this would be a series about the adventures of the crew of an Akira-class Federation Starfleet vessel.

2. Star Trek: Steamrunner Class Starship Crew

[Image: Steamrunner.png]

Something somewhat different... the crew of a Steamrunner class Escort. They aren't the big ship... they escort the big ship... and patrol the lanes. Think of it like a Coast Guard in Starfleet... but hey, the working stiffs deserve to have their stories told, too, right?

3. Star Trek: Maquis Raider Crew

[Image: Untitled.png]

[Image: Untitled2.png]

[Image: Untitled3.png]

[Image: Untitled4.png]

Something a little new, here... the crew of a transport vessel ekes out a living in the Star Trek Universe, sometimes legally and sometimes not... think almost Firefly in the Star Trek Universe.

4. Firefly 'verse, 'canon' ship

[Image: blackops.png]

[Image: fancylanded1.png]

[Image: landed2.png]

[Image: sandflyclass.png]

Crew of a Firefly-class, or maybe a Sandfly-class... vessel makes their way in the Firefly 'verse

5. Firefly 'verse, original ship

Same idea, except I'd design a vessel for us (with your help, if you're so inclined...)

6. Star Wars Universe, Republic Cruiser

[Image: SDcarrier.png]

A tale of the crew of a Republic Cruiser in the Star Wars Universe.

7. Star Wars Universe, original ship

Similar to 4, above, but taking place in the Star Wars universe.

8. Battlestar Galactica Universe - Crew of a Battlestar

Pretty straightforward...

[Image: Battlestar1.png]

[Image: Battlestar2.png]

9. Completely Original

This option will require the creation of not only a ship, but also a backdrop for the stories to take place against.

DO please take a moment and vote in the Poll?

Wolf Lord Drengr
01-22-2013 02:10 PM
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Taeryn Leir Offline
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RE: 2013 Sci Fi Series project
Firefly, sandfly, gadfly....I'm in!

" Suppressive Fire: When you absolutely, positively have to keep the bastards' heads down long enough to call in an air strike." Big Grin
02-09-2013 02:31 PM
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