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Marvel : Agents of SHIELD - Coulson Discussion
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Marvel : Agents of SHIELD - Coulson Discussion
This thread will obviously contain spoilers, so if you don't want to know anything about anything... avoid this thread.
BUT, if you're up to discussing some interesting things... at the risk of having a secret or two revealed...


ok, now that this has been covered...

I don't think it's any surprise to anyone that Phil Coulson died in the Avengers film.
I'm pretty sure everyone knows this. Loki stabbed him in the back... through the heart... killed him... and yet...
here he is
leading a team in Agents of SHIELD.

So, this thread is for discussion of HOW this can possibly be... and eventually, perhaps, our theories will be proven true... or they will be disproven.

I thought I'd start the thread out with my thoughts... and then encourage you all to post your own ideas on the subject.
Then, we can get some discussion going and see if we can maybe eliminate or validate any of these theories.

As those of you who have been watching know... Coulson believes he was in Tahiti for recuperation...
and every time the word 'Tahiti' escapes his lips, it's followed by "it's a magical place"

This has lead me to suspect that one of two things is true:

1. Coulson was somehow brought to Asgard to be rejuvenated... and his memories of Asgard have been somehow replaced with memories of Tahiti...
2. Coulson's girlfriend, Wanda... the Cellist from Portland... who is in the next Avengers film... somehow has something to do with his revival. She is, of course, The Scarlet Witch. This could explain the references to magic.

Now, the other clue that I keep coming back to is Maria Hill's comment that Phil 'can never know' what really happened.
I can only conclude that, if my suspicions about Scarlet Witch are correct, either:
a.) He does not know she is a mutant and she doesn't want him to know
b.) Her magical intervention had some negative consequence for someone else... and so... if he knew, he'd feel guilty.
(for instance, she gave him some of someone else's life force)

Now, that last option could also apply if SHIELD used something like, say, HYDRA equipment to revive him. He'd disapprove.

What do you all think?

Wolf Lord Drengr
11-26-2013 03:51 AM
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